Electra's Kakau Go! Is an Affordable Beach Cruiser With an E-Kick and Island Styling

Let's face it; we don't all need some extreme bicycle that we'll never exploit to its fullest capacities. For folks like you and me seeking a bicycle that's comfortable, reliable, and stylish, there are machines like the 2023 Kakau Go!
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Photo: Electra Bicycle Company
2023 Kakau Go!2023 Kakau Go!2023 Kakau Go!2023 Kakau Go!2023 Kakau Go!
Folks, the name Electra may sound familiar to you, and if it does, it means you know the sort of gear to come out from under the Trek Bikes umbrella. Yes, Electra is a brand that belongs to Trek, and the reason it exists is simply to bring new air to the classic cruisers we've grown up with and to put an e-bike into the hands of those that like this cycling style. With that in mind, let's look at what makes the Kakau Go! Electric cruiser tick and why it should be on your list of machines to consider if you're looking to get yourself into the e-bike game.

Just to lay things out for you from the very beginning, Electra is asking you to drop no more than $1,800 (€1,800 at current exchange rates) on this trinket. Price is only part of the story; I personally want a bicycle that is quick, comfortable, and most certainly reliable.

Well, for this sort of price, you can bet that the frame is built out of aluminum, and it is, but most importantly, the way it's shaped is most crucial for safety and comfort. To ensure that your experience is a safe and simple one, Electra employs Trek's Flat Foot Technology. This is a way of shaping the frame and positioning components in such a way as to allow riders to easily mount and dismount the vehicle. You can even set your feet on the ground in an emergency or for needed stability.

2023 Kakau Go\!
Photo: Electra Bicycle Company
Basically, it's the sort of bike that can be ridden by cyclists of almost any age and ability. There's no need to mention the comfort of a beach cruiser, and that's what we have here. And oh, with a very large emphasis on the word beach. You'll understand why shortly.

Being the EV that it is, we need to consider things like power and range, so let's see what's in store this time. Now, most bikes that leave Trek assembly lines are typically equipped with a mid-mounted motor. However, Electra strays from this tradition and drops a Hyena rear-hub motor onto the Kakau. It's just not clear how much power this motor has or the level of torque it can squeeze out. But, judging by the product placement in the image gallery, this sucker is suitable for riding on beaches.

Part two of any e-bike story is the battery and its capacity. Well, hidden in the downtube, Electra mounts a 250-watt-hour battery that's good for up to 40 miles (65 kilometers). If that's not enough range for your daily urban travels, the possibility to grab a range extender is available, and with it, you can double your distance to 80 miles (129 kilometers). Sounds like Electra sought to optimize the Kakau with the things we want and nothing more.

2023 Kakau Go\!
Photo: Electra Bicycle Company
Yet the story doesn't end there. One thing you need to know about the Kakau is that it's part of the Artist Series of Electra machines that typically pay homage to some areas of our beautiful Earth where the beach cruiser seems most at home. With this in mind, Electra has been exploring styling cues and color tones of regions like Bali, Japan, and for the Kakau, the islands of Polynesia, also dubbed the "birthplace of surfing."

From the matte ember frame that resembles lava rock to the tribal patterns that can be spotted on things like the frame tubing, fenders, seat, and even chainguard, all of this puppy is meant to remind us of this region and the art that distinguishes it from other places on our planet. Even the "wood grain underlay" is linked to the Koa tree, from which wood for early surfboards was taken and shaped. Oh, let's not forget about the fact that Electra likes to boast that these babies look absolutely great on camera or on your Instagram account.

At the end of the day, the Kakau Go! Is an e-bike that not only meets your basic urban needs, but in the process, it also boasts a story and one that is sure to grab the eyes of onlookers as you ride past. Just a little something to think about in case you're looking to get you into the electric game.
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