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Elderly Man Drove for 50 Years Without a License, Police Seized His Truck

An over 70 years old British driver has been caught by the Police driving without a license. The officers at work in Staffordshire initially wanted to check his insurance. But they discovered something rather peculiar – he never had the right to drive in the first place.
Police Stopped the Man Who Drove Without a License for 50 years 6 photos
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The unnamed elderly man was stopped by Staffordshire Police's Dogs and Armed Response for a routine check. According to BBC, someone might have previously reported the owner of the van. They could've suspected he was driving without having proper insurance, or scuffing occurred that didn't require going to the station. The Police checked the plates and found out they needed to stop the truck for a quick check.

The officers asked the driver to provide the identification documents and proof of insurance, but they were told that such documents were not to be found. In fact, they never existed. He had minded his own business on the public roads for half a century with no plans to obtain a license. The elderly man behind the wheel also never paid for insurance.

Similarly, he never took the driver’s license test. The procedure was introduced in 1935 in the UK, but it became mandatory in 1937.

When The Police asked him what happened and why he didn’t have either insurance or a driving license, the man just shrugged.

The elderly driver was about to join other motorists on a British highway before being stopped by the Police. He was carrying painted pallets for transport.

Further enquires showed that he drove on British roads since he was a teenager without ever having the proper documents requested by the law. He also never paid for insurance, something that's disregarded by authorities and other traffic participants, to say the least.

The Police reported the man for not having a license, and the flatbed he was driving was seized. His case will be taken to the prosecutors for further inquiries.

Driving without insurance carries a penalty of £300 ($394) in the UK. It also gives those caught six penalty points on the driving license. Unfortunately for those that don’t respect the law and end up facing a judge, the Court is entitled to set any fine it seems fit. Other complementary measures like banning from ever driving again are also possible.

On the other hand, driving without a license brings a fine of up to £5,000 ($6,560) and can even mean prison time. It won’t be the case here, as the driver is over 70 years old.


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