EKanoo IRS Toyota Supra Almost Crashing

EKanoo’s fastest IRS Toyota Supra could have been history if not for its driver that managed to save it from a massive crash with the wall.
EKanoo Toyota Supra Bad Start 1 photo
Known as the world’s fastest Supra, this car is built on a special chassis and is powered by a highly-modified 2JZ engine with a 91 Precision Turbo. Its record for the 1/8 mile is 4.629 @ 158.85 mph and 7.129 @ 200.87 for the 1/4 mile.

In its latest run the IRS Supra nearly crashed as it lost grip right after the start and started sliding. Its driver, Ebrahim Kanoo himself possibly, managed to control it and only scrap the left wall a bit.


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