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Einride Unveils "The Most Intelligent Trailer to Hit the Road", Boasts 400 Miles of Range

In this continuous battle of humanity’s fighting against climate change and its dire effects on our planet, all industries are pitching in, trying to do their part and contribute to the healing of the Earth. And given that the road freight industry is massively responsible for the global increase of CO2 emissions, it is no wonder more and more companies are working toward electrifying their fleets. And Einride is offering them its help, proposing “the most intelligent trailer to hit the road”.
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Einride TrailerEinride TrailerEinride TrailerEinride TrailerEinride Trailer
Einride is a Swedish company that specializes in making electric and autonomous vehicles. It’s been around since 2016 and it recently unveiled what it claims to be the first-of-its-kind electric semi-trailer. Referred to simply as the Einride Trailer, it represents the company’s solution to optimize fleet utilization. The road semi-trailer is designed for seamless integration not just with the Einride electric and autonomous vehicles but also with conventional electric semi-trucks.

The trailer will incorporate Einride’s all-new 320 kWh batteries that claim to offer a range of up to 650 km (403 miles) on a single charge and will be powered by its Saga digital brain, a platform developed specifically for fleet optimizations and logistics.

Saga will let shippers know when the Einride Trailer is being loaded (or unloaded) and real-time data insights will be constantly offered, optimizing the trailer’s performance. Predictive maintenance, cargo monitoring via cameras and sensors, and AI (artificial intelligence)-driven route planning are just a few examples of what the Einride Trailer will be capable of.

We are still waiting for more details and specs on the electric semi-trailer, but for now, we only know that the Swedish company plans to keep on testing new designs and have the Einride Trailer ready for production and to begin initial piloting next year. The next-gen trailer was unveiled a few days ago at its Einride Mesh event, a tech conference during which it revealed its latest products and held demonstrations.

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