Ed Sheeran Rides Harley-Davidson for the First Time in New Music Video, Sits in the Back

Ed Sheeran on a Harley-Davidson 6 photos
Ed Sheeran on Harley DavidsonOverpass Graffiti's Emilio Rivera on Harley DavidsonEd Sheeran and Emilio Rivera in Overpass GraffitiOverpass Graffiti Harley DavidsonEd Sheeran and Emilio Rivera in Overpass Graffiti
Ed Sheeran has debuted a new album, and has a new music video for “Overpass Graffiti.” There, he’s riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for the first time, hitchhikes, and gets in a Volkswagen Type 2 camper van.

Ed Sheeran is trying a lot of firsts for the sake of art. In his latest music video for “Overpass Graffiti,” from his fourth studio album, = (reads Equals), Ed Sheeran gets on the back of a motorcycle for the first time.

The “Perfect” singer documented it all in a behind-the-scenes look posted on his YouTube account. In the video, he rides on the back with another famous person, actor Emilio Rivera. The latter poses as a biker in the video and rides with Sheeran in the backseat.

The motorcycle is a Harley-Davidson, and it has the iconic sound and the V-twin configuration. The sissy bar was also removed so Ed could do a stunt fall off the back of the bike.

After shooting, both Sheeran and Rivera signed the dash on the tank of the motorcycle, and word is that it is going to be put up for auction.

"Overpass Graffiti" starts with Sheeran pulling up to a gas station, and his tour bus ends up leaving him behind. So, he walks, trying to hitchhike. A Volkswagen Type 2 is his next ride and ends up partying with the people inside it, swimming in the lake, and later attending a glow-in-the-dark concert in the forest.

The music video, directed by Jason Koenig, also includes several Easter Eggs about secret collaborations or even Sheeran’s cat.

The result makes Emilio Rivera look imposing, as he leads the way next to other bikers. Ed Sheeran seems to have had quite an experience, riding a motorcycle for the first time, and doing it in style, next to another celeb. We can’t all say the same thing.

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