Peloton Beware: Echelon Readies EX-8s Stationary Bike With 24" Touchscreen & LEDs

Yup, it's getting cold alright. However, this doesn't mean that your day-to-day activities need to stop. For example, Echelon is getting ready to unleash its most high-tech stationary bike-o-gym yet.
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Echelon EX-8s Stationary BikeEchelon EX-8s Stationary BikeEchelon EX-8s Stationary BikeEchelon EX-8s Stationary BikeEchelon EX-8s Stationary Bike
Back in 2015, Lou Lentine launched Echelon, a company that offered on-demand fitness classes for folks to follow along with at home. Best of all, their lessons were able to be integrated into smart bikes, treadmills, and other at-home gear.

These days, Echelon is still holding classes online and in your home, but starting January 2022, this crew is unleashing its most advanced fitness machine yet, the EX-8s. While it is clearly a stationary bike, you too will agree that there's more to it than that by the end of this article.

Most people know Echelon as a cost-effective rival of another stationary bicycle giant, Peloton. However, with the EX-8s, that notion may just go out the window. Why? Well, unlike other machines in the Echelon lineup that retail around the 1,000 USD range, EX-8s will be hitting the market at 2,399 USD (2,128 EUR at current exchange rates)), quite a bit more than what existing users may be used to.

But, for this sort of cash, it would appear as though Echelon put in some extra goodies to bring stationary bikes and gyms to new-age technological levels, fit for a more interactive experience. One feature they've worked on is the massive 24-inch (61-centimeter) HD touchscreen. Worried that when your fingertips start sweating, you won't be able to touch the screen? No worries, sweat away.

Echelon EX\-8s Stationary Bike
Not only does this touchscreen look cool, but it should also offer a more immersed feeling during your workout. This is achieved by the curved design. It also helps direct sound better towards the user if you're bumping your favorite jam or just following instructions.

The final trick this screen has up its sleeve is the ability to flip the display 180 degrees towards the front of the bike. While this may not seem like a big deal, if you're a CrossFit junkie, this feature allows you to easily mix and match an array of exercises.

For EX-8s, Echelon also incorporates two flywheels, giving the gym not only a "modern aesthetic" but provides a more stable experience as you're shifting weight around. With 32 levels of magnetic resistance working your way up to Tour de France standards is possible.

One thing that Echelon added to EX-8s is illuminated flywheels. How this may impact my workout, I have no idea. It just may be a feature that's meant to rival or surpass the light-up effects of Peloton bikes. With 15 different lighting patterns, your indoor gym might just end up feeling like a club. Hey, whatever gives you your kicks.

Echelon EX\-8s Stationary Bike
Since this machine is tuned to be a worthy workout companion, you'll find things like bottle holders, dual-sided pedals with cycling cleat clips, a weight and shoe rack, and a frame design that offers complete adjustability for your body size. Overall, EX-8 will weigh 125 lbs (57 kg) and handle a rider upwards of 300 lbs (136 kg).

Finally, this sucker is a smart bike. With that, a manufacturer must offer a top integrated experience. With Bluetooth connectivity and access to the Echelon community, a sort of real-time metaverse that's there for you 24/7, even if you feel like working out at some ungodly hour of the morning, you'll be able to find instructors, live classes, track progress, keep an eye on your body functions, and even join competitions, all in the comfort of a warm home.

If our lives continue to be directed towards more in-home activities, then be prepared to see some fantastic at-home gyms like the Echelon EX-8. However, be ready to see even weirder and technologically advanced designs in the future.

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