Ecclestone Urges F1 Teams to Change Points System

Bernie Ecclestone won't let go of his 'medal system' idea. While present at Ferrari's International Ski Meeting in Madonna di Campiglio (Italy), the F1 supreme resumed his thoughts on the current points system, stressing the importance of winning races in setting up the world champion. The Englishman insisted that the driver with the most wins in the championship should be awarded the world title.

“Forget the word 'medals', I think the guy that wins the most races should win the championship. I don't think the guy who is second with a lot of points should be a world champion, that is all. I hope, upon hope, that the idea of the winner being champion will mean the drivers will race to win,” commented Ecclestone while in Italy.

He argued that the current points system encourages drivers to stay in 2nd place or even 3rd place during a race in order to secure the points in the overall classification. The best example of all was the last race of 2008, in Brazil, when Lewis Hamilton fought for 5th place like he was fighting for the win only to secure the world title.

According to Ecclestone, the teams should get together and come out with a system that encourages drivers to always fight for the win instead of playing it safe.

“This year a lot of them sat there being second and they didn't try to win because it was only worth two points. It is not worth the risk. t is up to the teams to push it through. They have all entered the championship and it is a change of regulations, so we would need them to agree. I hope they have enough sense to agree,” added Ecclestone.

Lewis Hamilton won the 2008 title with a total of 4 race wins, while runner-up Felipe Massa had to let go of the title in the final race of the season, despite ending 2008 with 5 wins in his pocket.
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