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EBR Shutting Down Production One More Time

Another cool American bike manufacturer is shutting down, as EBR, or Erik Buell Racing, announced it will be shutting down its production, maybe forever this time.
EBR RX 1 photo
The shocking news came in this week as EBR mailed the media to announce the company is starting a wind down of production operations next week.

"The decision was a tough one for EBR as it has been solely focused on the growth and building EBR for success," the statement reads. "The team at EBR has worked tirelessly making every effort to build the company. There is no fault on any of the team at EBR for this decision. They and their families have our deepest gratitude for their efforts and dedication to EBR.”

The release continues by saying that “this difficult decision was based primarily on EBR facing significant headwinds with signing new dealers, which is key to sales and growth for a new company. In addition, EBR has had limited production in 2016 and 2017 that was under goal. The combination of slow sales and industry announcements of other major OEM brands closing or cutting production only magnified the challenges faced by EBR."

Eric Buell’s beloved motorcycle company had a long and unlucky history over the past twenty years as it went through numerous bankruptcies, shutdowns, and revivals, all ending badly.

The company’s last resurrection happened about a year ago, with the board being ambitious to turn things around this time. However, the lack of demand pushed the company again to close its gates.

And the company wasn’t actually lacking innovation. In November 2016, it launched the new Black Lightning model at IMS LongBeach along with a new on-board diagnostic system controlled via a full TFT display unit.

EBR will continue to sell its already built models in stock and will provide warranties and parts to customers and dealerships. On the other hand, the company will sell its production equipment and excess parts.


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