Easily Avoidable Accident Not Avoided by Mindless Rider

Mindless rider crashes hard 1 photo
Photo: Youtube
It’s more than often when one needs more than priority and some say – luck to make it back home after a bike ride. I would say that intelligence and common sense on the road are far more important if one wants to stay out of trouble, and this video kind of proves me right, I guess.
Sure, the guy in the red Dacia could have waited until some other driver in the line allowed him to enter the main road, but this is easily subscribed to the notion of road hazards any decent rider should be familiar with. A reckless driver lurks almost around every corner, and it’s only the rider’s foresight and anticipation which can make a difference in such scenarios.

Well, instead of anticipation, it looks like the two-wheeled fellow chose speeding and dropping any other precautions… and the result is a painful, destructive one.

Blazing past vehicles that slow down near junctions and pedestrian crossings is almost asking for something bad to happen. Basic common sense dictates that vehicles, including motorcycles also slow down, because there’s probably a good reason because the other vehicle(s) are slowing.

This poor fellow learned this basic lesson the very hard way, unfortunately, and I can hope he is making a full recovery now, as the impact was really hard. Sadly, there are countless similar fellows out there in the streets, who would not heed reasonable advice and behave just as mindlessly as this guy, many of them involved in similar accidents.

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