Earth Cruiser EXD is an Expedition Camper Small Enough for a 1-ton Truck

Ladies and gentlemen, expeditions just got a whole lot cheaper. More than this, they can be done in a rather small vehicle. Usually of your choosing. Earth Cruiser brings us an all new way to handle expeditions.
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EXD CamperEXD CamperEXD CamperEXD CamperEXD CamperEXD Camper
What we are looking at is known as the EXD model from Earth Cruiser. What it is and what it can do for your expedition needs is what this article is all about.

Imagine this for a minute or so. Your friends are all planning a summer trip to hit up some trails up in the Yukon for a couple of weeks. This is the kind of trip that you really need to be prepared for as there is nothing out on those trails except rivers, rocks, lakes, and wild animals. But you don’t have an expedition vehicle.

So, what do you do? You ask around here and there and realize that you don’t have half a million dollars to spend. Bummed out, you almost give up and close your web browser. Then next day you get an e-mail from one of your buds telling you he’s found this for you. On the screen you see the words you’ve been looking for, ‘fully upfitted at $265,000.’ Overjoyed, you run downstairs and announce your family that the trip is happening. But how? Let's find out together.

EXD Camper
For that money you’re going to receive a vehicle fully capable of taking you off road for quite some time. The entire setup happens on a Ford, Ram, or Chevy one-ton chassis. But that seems awfully small for an expedition vehicle. I assure you that the guys at Earth Cruiser have done the homework and this setup just works. For one, you are offered a vehicle than is easier to maneuver than your average million-dollar expedition truck, based on size alone. Secondly, that smaller size allows for easier access to secluded areas. And finally, maintenance. This third design factor is crucial for the longevity of your expedition vehicle and your pocket of course.

One the rear of these on-ton chassis sits your mobile home. With a total height of 83 in., length of 120 in., and a width of 81 in., it offers more than enough room to do the trip right. And it’s quite light as well, with a weight of 2500 lbs (1133kg). But the neat thing about this camper is that the roof is extendable like on the Hawk by Four Wheel Campers. This allows the camper to extend its headroom from 62 in.(157cm) to 82in. (208cm).

Inside, you can expect most of the furnishings and comforts of any other expedition vehicle, just more tightly packed together. A kitchen offers us drawer style refrigerator and freezer, an induction stovetop, and a sink. Shelves and drawers throughout the space offer more than enough room for your goods and garments.

EXD Camper
As far as a space designated for eating meals, a dining table and lounge seats are found with seating for two. But this space also converts to the bedding for your rest, complete with a full-sized mattress. A restroom with a full-height shower and cassette toilet is also somewhere in here.

Electrical is covered by a 12V 36Ah battery powered by 154-watt solar panels on the roof. But in case you want your electricity from elsewhere, a 30-amp 125-volt shore power setup is available. Lighting is offered by LEDs both inside and out of the home.

But like most vehicles like this, it can be customized quite a bit. Some of the options available are a composting toilet and water purification system, or even an external hot and cold shower. Even three more solar panels can be added to the vehicle.

Those are just a few of the options available. If you want to find out more, click here and check out what the boys can offer.

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