E15 Fuel Approved for US Sale

You may have heard about E15, it’s a mix of 15% ethanol and 85% normal gasoline. Despite being used by many countries around the world, E15 remained illegal in the States, until now, when the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has finally approved it for use.
E15 Fuel 1 photo
Most of US gasoline now contains around 10% ethanol, so it’s E10, but the transition to E15 will not be a swift one, as it may cause damage to engines of vehicles older than 10 years. Also, since every gas station is free to sell whatever it wants, if there’s no demand for the new fuel, it will simply not be sold at all.

Factor in people’s already weary nature, concerning putting ‘alternative’ fuels in their conventional engines, and the statement released by the OPEI (Outdoor Power Equipment Institute), in which E15 is called dangerous and they say it may destroy your gasoline-powered equipment.

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