Dutchmen RV's Fresh 230ML Fifth Wheel Boasts the Homiest On-Road Living at a Tasty Price

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Astoria 230MLAstoria 230MLAstoria 230MLAstoria 230MLAstoria 230MLAstoria 230MLAstoria 230MLAstoria 230ML
In case you haven't noticed, the RV, camper, and travel trailer scene here in the US is changing. With that in mind, today we dive a bit deeper into one of America's most powerful mobile living brands, Dutchmen RV, and their 2024 Astoria lineup.
Folks, ever since 1988, the name Dutchmen RV has been a presence in the American RV market, and 35 years later, they're still hard at work cranking out machine after machine, each designed to help you live a safe and comfortable life no matter where in the world you may be.

In the past, this manufacturer has always been known for pushing out massive and capable units to accommodate large and extended families and, sometimes, even their motorized toys. So, it came as a surprise when I locked eyes with one of the freshet floorplans for the upcoming year, the 230ML, a unit that isn't as big as the ones I've covered in the past but still suitable for up to six guests. Best of all, prices for these babies are to die for.

For example, this lineup of travel trailers has always been known as the go-to for families looking to keep as much cash in their pockets as possible, often selling for around $68K to $80K. But, as I was looking into the 230ML, I found dealerships selling these babies for as low as $47K (€43,200 at current exchange rates)... what is going on?

Astoria 230ML
Photo: Dutchmen RV
To start things off for the 230ML, let me point out a bit about how that showy shell is built. What you need to understand is that Dutchmen didn't get to where they are today by simply building a camper that you'll have to dump next year. That said, Each Astoria is built to handle four-season weather.

This is achieved with a seven-layer construction consisting of fiberglass reinforced polypropylene, high-density foam, steel powder-coated frame, and foil barrier, just to name a few. All that's then sealed up nice and easy with a fully enclosed underbelly. The roof and nose cap are composed of four layers each, inclusive of fiberglass insulation.

Once that's all set onto a gooseneck trailer, Dutchmen goes to town adding multiple slide-outs, depending on the floorplan. Some units include up to four slide-outs, but the fresh 230ML includes only one. On it, a large modular sofa and this unit's fridge are set, but what I love most about this new floorplan is the way that the interior just looks absolutely phenomenal.

Take a moment to picture yourself in the middle of what we see in the image gallery. Starting with the rear of the 230, Dutchmen places a beam-to-beam galley that reminds me of the kitchen I have at home, with plenty of countertop space and all the features a family would ever need while on the road.

Astoria 230ML
Photo: Dutchmen RV
Walking toward the front of the 230, to our right sits a four-person dinette, and to the left, the sofa or optional theater seating is seen. But, right before we step forward toward the remaining half of the unit, the rest of the space is completed with a pantry and a little nook with cabinetry waiting for your car keys or other small items.

Now, helping separate the living room and kitchen from the rest of this home - because we can actually call it that - is a set of steps, just two, but it's enough to offer that feeling of separate spaces that you just can't get in a tiny camper or RV.

Once we take these two steps toward the promised land, the left of the unit reveals a large bathroom with separate features and a skylight to enjoy the view as you clean up, and straight ahead, behind closed doors, a private bedroom with windows along the sides and plenty of storage for clothes and bedspreads. Oh, be sure to check out RV Video Library's presentation of this unit.

Astoria 230ML
Photo: Dutchmen RV
Once you've had your fill of all the interior of this floorplan has to offer, let's head back outside and get a feel for the rest of the goodies that Dutchmen has in store. Remember, a camper or travel trailer isn't just about heading out to the woods or some trailer park and watching TV, and Dutchmen knows this.

For example, the exterior of each unit is decked out with pass-through storage, a bay for an outdoor fridge, maybe even a slide-out galley block if you've got the extra bucks, a solar power package, and a ladder to the roof. All you have to do is unload and set up your outdoor dining setup, a tent or two for the kids, unfurl the awning, and enjoy the afternoon.

From here, things will probably go on like this for a few days or so, with you and your family getting more and more acquainted with your fresh fifth wheel. Once you've tired of the park or forest treeline you've been hanging out at, hitch up this puppy to your truck, and off you go.

Heck, maybe you're the sort of person who's looking to leave the neighborhood lifestyle behind, and with four-season machines the likes of those found in the Astoria lineup, we stand a chance at doing so, and for a whole lot less than I would have ever thought.
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