Dunlop Gives You 1 Month to Decide Whether You Love Its Tires

Somebody at Dunlop is extremely smart and has found a new way to attract attention. The all-new Love Dunlop campaign brings something completely different in the field of motorcycle tire sales and marketing: one month of testing and the possibility to return the tires if the customer doesn’t like them.
Do you love your Dunlop tires? 3 photos
Dunlop SportSmart2Dunlop SportSmart2
As far-fetched as it seems, things are true: Dunlop offers one month of “Confidence Guaranteed” for its SportSmart2 tires, allowing riders to opt in for other models in case they’re not satisfied with them. As if things were not already wacky, Dunlop will even allow riders to choose tires from other brands, as long as they are in the same price range, in case the Dunlop line-up is not providing enough happiness, motorbiker reports.

And everything is free, provided that customers have registered their purchase within 7 days from the date they got the new Dunlop SportSmart2, and they return it within 30 days from that date, and with thread wear under 1mm. This means you can’t go racing around the circuit, wear out the SportSmart2 set and then complain you don’t like it…

Customers should keep in mind that Dunlop WILL NOT refund them, but offer other tires of the same value, chosen by the customer. So if you wanted to try out Dunlop’s new sport rubber, now it’s the best time to do so. Visit the SportSmart2 page for tech details and fitment, and the Love Dunlop website for more details and dates for the campaign.


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