Dunlop Caters To The Needs Of Classic Car Owners With Sport Classic Tires

Owning a classic car can be troublesome. Beyond the fragility of a decades-old machine and the elbow grease needed to keep such a vehicle in tip-top shape, there’s also the problem of tires. To put it briefly, there are not too many options out there.
Dunlop Sport Classic tire 4 photos
Dunlop Sport Classic tireDunlop Sport Classic tireDunlop Sport Classic tire
An excellent example of supply being far greater than demand comes in the form of 325/65 VR 17 Pirelli Scorpion tires. Designed only for the Lamborghini LM002, Pirelli no longer makes this size for one very specific reason: Only 328 LM002s were ever made, and virtually none of them are used as daily drivers.

Owners of less eccentric classics, including the likes of the air-cooled 911, 356, BMW 2000 CS, Bentley S2, and Ford Capri have it easier than that, though. That’s because the peeps over at Dunlop have introduced the Sport Classic. Dubbed as a “high-performance tire designed for classic cars,” the Sport Classic solidifies Dunlop’s firm commitment to the historic tire market.

Compared to compounds of old, the Sport Classic uses silica, thus improving adaptability to the road’s surface. This, in turn, translates to good grip in wet conditions and superior braking performance compared to the original tires. The period-correct tread pattern hides a reinforced overlay that guarantees high-speed stability, steering precision, and of course, robustness.

At this moment in time, only the 195/70 VR 14 91 V size is available at retailers. This particular tire is perfect for classy automobiles such as the Alfa Romeo Montreal, Opel Monza, Ferrari Dino, and Glas 2600. By August, availability will grow up to 215/70 VR 15 98 W. This size is suitable for retro metal that includes the Ferrari 365 Jensen Interceptor, and Maserati Khamsin.

“To meet growing market demand and building on our heritage, Dunlop is proud to offer drivers of classic cars an authentic, classic looking tire, with modern high-performance tire technologies,”
declared Martijn de Jonge, brand director at Goodyear & Associated Brands EMEA.

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