Dump Truck vs. Electricity Pole vs. Panicked Driver Stirs Up the Old Pot

Canada is on a roll in terms of delivering controversial auto-related viral content. The latest comes from Maple Ridge in British Columbia, and as the headline suggests, it involves a dump truck, an electricity pole, and one panicked driver in a smaller vehicle on the same road.
Dump truck driver obliviously drags electricity pole on the road, female driver panics 1 photo
Just last week, another video with a dump truck showed it hitting a MINI Cooper and then traveling some distance at considerable speed with the car wedged in front. The trucker explained that he had not seen the MINI nor felt the impact and, as such, had no idea that something was wrong.

This is another case of “I didn’t see it.” In a video posted to social media, shot from a smaller vehicle in the opposite lane, a Mack dump truck is coming down a narrow road with an electricity pole stuck to the bed, dragging the bottom part and the wires on the ground. The two women in the car in front (driver and passenger) are yelling at him to stop, honking the horn but, at least at first, not backing down the road or moving to the side.

And that’s not even the strangest part. That would be when the trucker stops, steps out, checks out the extra unwanted load, and then proceeds to try and lift the pole with his hands. He then gets back inside the truck and tries to unload by lifting the bed. He continues driving forward (and the women panic some more) and again tries unloading the pole by lifting the bed.

A neighbor comes along to tell the women the Mounties are on their way, and stops the truck himself by flagging the trucker again on the move. The video cuts off here. The Surrey Now-Leader reports that power in the area went down after a “motor vehicle accident,” but authorities are yet to release more details on it.

As for the pot that got stirred with this video, you can probably imagine how the online debate is going right now. One side is all like, “how did the trucker hit that utility pole and how come he didn’t notice he was dragging it with his truck?,” while the other is rallying against the female driver for not using the grass shoulder to continue driving, or not backing all the way up, and for going all extra with statements like, “Oh, my gawd!, we almost DIED!”

*Warning: The video below contains instances of graphic language that might offend.


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