Dump Truck Shows Why Green Light Shouldn't Always Mean "Go"

Regardless of our level of training before starting driving school, there is at least one thing all of us know all too well: red means "stop" and green means "go." The jury may still be out on what yellow stands for - don't worry, driving school and years of experience after won't make it any clearer - but at least we have green and red sorted out.
Dump truck runs rampant in intersection 3 photos
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Of course, even some cardinal rules such as these need to be broken once in a while, because we're humans, and we adapt to the situation at hand. For instance, you start slowing down for a red light, but as you check your rearview mirror, you realize there's a BMW coming hard that won't be able to stop in time. The intersection is clear both right and left, so you choose to ignore the light and save yourself a nasty crash from behind.

The same goes for light that sits at the bottom of the three. Linger for too long after it had turned green and you'll get a choir of honking that could wake the dead. However, they're back there, and you're up front, so they can't see what you see.

And you've just spotted a large dump truck who definitely has its own idea about what yellow means (it may not be too clear on red either) hurtling down the road at a speed that it couldn't have stopped in time even if Jupiter were to lend its gravitational force. So you take the honking like a man and live to hear the curse words as those behind rush past to share them with you.

The two guys in the clip below weren't that lucky, though. The Peugeot and Ford drivers were unfortunate enough to have a large van to their left, so their view of the road was blocked in that direction. Fate has it was exactly the direction from where that the large dump truck we spoke about earlier came speeding down, so when they did see it, it was too late. It clipped both cars, but we're pretty sure they all breathed a huge sigh of relief. A more committed push of the throttle pedal and they'd be hearing angels sing - and all because they decided to trust in other people's reaction to colors.

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