Dumb Rider Crashes a Wheelie into Police Car

Wheeling on public roads in plain mid-day is usually illegal and by all means, dangerous. Failing a wheelie in busy traffic is even more dangerous for both rider and the other fellows or road users, but landing a wheelie on a police car in action is sheer stupidity. And will cause consequences, too.
This is the very first time we get to see footage of such a dumb rider. We're positive this is not the first guy to crash a wheelie into a police car, but having all this recorded is simply glorious.

Notice how quickly the cop jumps from the car to apprehend the silly rider... we bet he was cuffed even before he realized exactly what was happening. Unfortunately, such idiots are putting the rest of the riders in a terribly nasty predicament, and they are the reason why some drivers really start hating motorcyclists.
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