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Dumb Driver Smashes Mirror Against Incoming Motorcycle, Gets Mad

What you’re about to see in the video below is a scenario that happens a lot on narrow streets, and it starts with impatient car drivers thinking that squeezing you in is totally OK.
Driver hits his mirror against motorcycle 4 photos
Driver hits his mirror against motorcycleDriver hits his mirror against motorcycleDriver hits his mirror against motorcycle
Let me explain a bit. As I was saying, this is a common thing on narrow two-lane streets. You ride in the middle of the lane, and you notice that somewhere up ahead, the incoming lane is partly blocked by a stationary vehicle.

And then comes the idiot from behind that stopped vehicle wanting to pass, but his/her narrow mind can’t comprehend the idea that in such scenarios, he/she has to stop and yield to the oncoming vehicles in the adjacent lane and only then can go past the obstacle.

A similar scenario happened to this Denmark rider. The driver’s way was blocked by a parked caravan, so he decided to enter the biker’s lane without giving it a second thought.

The rider somehow refused to believe the car will enter his lane and doesn’t move over resulting in the car smashing its side mirror against the bike’s left handlebar.

However, looking in the mirror, the rider saw the car is not stopping so he considers no harm was done so he continues his journey only to discover several miles away the car is struggling to keep up from behind.

They both pull over and start arguing. Funny how the driver believes the rider is at fault and he should ride more careful. That comes from a man who broke the law twice. First by failing to yield, and second by speeding through residential areas to catch up with the motorcycle.

And all these happened while the man was taking his kids to soccer. Nice, good job, mate! Anyway, watch the video and take caution when you find yourself in such scenario. As a biker, you should always let the idiot go past. It’s your life in the game after all.


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