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Lexus Driver Attacks Fully-Geared Biker, Gets Whooped Big Time

It's always funny to see people who are in no way good at bare knuckle fighting making fools out of themselves as they jump various fellows who know more about this. Appearances can be deceiving, and even a skinny guy could be an Aikido master, but the scenes you are about to witness are definitely going to make you laugh.
Russian road rage ends badly 6 photos
Russian road rage ends badlyRussian road rage ends badlyRussian road rage ends badlyRussian road rage ends badlyRussian road rage ends badly
Yes, there is something evil in the air this morning and watching this fellow getting a whooping has a mysteriously refreshing feel about it. Clearly starting a fight with a fully geared dirtbike rider means that you're not the sharpest tool in the shed, to be as polite as we can.

A rider wearing a helmet (with a camera, for what's worth), chest armor, riding gloves and motocross boots is not going to be too afraid to take a punch or two. The worst that can happen is that the attacker injures his fists and fingers punching the helmet or the armor, but the rider will only get irritated.

Well, despite the unlikeliness of seeing this scenario in real life, here's the video proof that such people exist. A Lexus NX driver becomes very angry at a dirt bike rider arriving on the paved road from a nearby trail.

We totally say that the rider could have waited for the car to pass, but at least he was not hindering the driver in any way. Au contraire, he kept to the leftmost side of the road, providing more than enough for the Lexus to pass unhindered.

Still, the driver, who allegedly is a Russian politician, decided that yelling at the rider and throwing punches would be the most appropriate response. However, after being knocked off his bike, the rider decides he's had enough and charges onto the dumb driver, showing him the might of motorcycle protective gear in combination with some decent fistfighting skills.

If you ask us, the driver could have had it tenfold worse, considering how sturdy motocross boots are, or how bad a helmet headbutt can be for the health of the receiver's teeth.

Making things even funnier is seeing that Lexus taking off by itself and almost crashing into obstacles past the intersection ahead. Now, what if it would have also crashed badly, to match the driver's facial contusions? Road rage much now, mister Lexus driver?

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