Dumb and Dumber Audi RS6 Has Fur Wrap and Tongue

Hey, want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? Also, are you curious how an Audi RS6 would look like covered in Labrador hair?
Dumb and Dumber Audi RS6 Has Fur Wrap and Tongue 4 photos
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Dumb and Dumber Audi RS6 Has Fur Wrap and TongueDumb and Dumber Audi RS6 Has Fur Wrap and TongueDumb and Dumber Audi RS6 Has Fur Wrap and Tongue
This project must have started out as a bet of some sort. The RS6 is sometimes referred to as a supercar for transporting dogs, so making one look like a Labrador seems logical when you're smoking weed. No, really, check out the sticker on the back window!

And there's no dog-related car that's more famous than "Mutt Cutts" from Dumb and Dumber. The original probably breaks a million traffic rules, and so does this one. Well, a million and one, if you count the noise made by the Akrapovic exhaust system.

Despite packing 605 horsepower from a V8 engine, this power-wagon also boasts ears, a nose, and fake fur. The wrap was a rush job, so the rear doors don't open, but its creators still had time to cut holes in the front symbolizing the whiskers and even included a couple of legs that hide the rear wheels. They are held on with velcro and are removed when the RS6 is driving. It's probably for the best, as nobody wants to lock the rear wheels on a car that's limited to 189 miles per hour.

This car is part of the StreetGasm 2000 Supercar rally from Amsterdam to Valencia. Nobody expected to see it there, and despite the sticker saying "Do Not Touch" they did so.

Mind you, Mutts Cutts was based on a van, which allowed Dumb and Dumber to pick up all the hitchhikers they wanted to. But any road rally enthusiast is more concerned with looking good and keeping up with the Porsches and Lamborghinis, which you can also see in the videos.

Velvet wraps are still popular with crazy car customizers. But this one looks like it's done with real carpets, and I bet the RS6 can't wait to shake off its thick fur coat.

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