Dude Tows Stuffed Bear on Plastic Crate, Is Predictably Pulled Over

“Please be smart,” public safety officials from Stow, Massachusetts are urging drivers after a recent traffic stop that saw one man pulled over for towing a toy (?) on a makeshift trailer.
Honda Accord driver tows stuffed bear on makeshift trailer, is pulled over 12 photos
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It might be too late for this Honda Accord owner, but it’s useful advice for all other motorists: if you have large stuff to transport and you must use your passenger car, make sure you do it responsibly, without endangering the safety of everyone else. Dragging a plastic crate after you doesn’t qualify as responsible, btw.

A few days ago, police pulled over a Honda driver who had tied a red plastic crate to his car and then placed a giant stuffed bear on it. He probably didn’t get any points for securing the bear with rope, so that it didn’t fall off during transport.

“Remember if you give your stuffed bear a ride behind your car he will want to ride on the roof next,” Stow Public Safety warns on the official Twitter page. “Please be smart when driving your car and don’t tow things that are not suppose[d] to be.”

This driver was probably let off with a ticket or, if he was really lucky, just a warning. But his reckless decision can serve as a lesson for other motorists: a stunt like this can put lives in danger. Your own and others’.

A stuffed teddy bear story that made headlines recently and got the a-OK from the cops involved a woman from Houston, Texas. She had to move temporarily to her sister’s house across town, to house-sit while she was on vacation.

This woman lived with a giant teddy bear whom she’d named Teddy and she didn’t want to live away from it, even if it was only for a few days. She tied Teddy on the back of her Toyota, making sure she didn’t obstruct her lights, rear window or license plate, and was on her way.

Video of Teddy strapped to the Toyota went viral, and the woman later said that even cops she met on the way gave her the thumbs up and waved at her.

So, if you must transport large inanimate bears in passenger vehicles, that’s the way to do it.

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