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Ducati Performance Seats Maximize Ergonomics and Comfort

Ducati prepares three types of new seats for their customers, and these aftermarket units introduce three different changes in Borgo Panigale's bikes. The new Ducati seats fall into the racing, comfort and lowered categories, each able to meet the needs of particular riders who are not entirely satisfied with their machines.
Ducati XDiavel S 1 photo
The racing series fits Ducati's matching sport bikes, and it's designed to enhance the riding experience by improving both comfort and the way riders control their machines. With sport bikes ridden hard for rather short periods compared to how long riders spend on a travel motorcycle, the idea of comfort is a bit different.

While the Ducati racing seats also exploit the ergonomic design, they are engineered to facilitate bike handling and control. They are covered in technical fabric that provides the optimal grip thanks to the non-slip upholstery. Rider comfort is improved with the addition of a neoprene layer.

Comfort-focused aftermarket Ducati seats are created with a different purpose, that of maximizing the rider support, eliminating pressure "hot spots" as much as possible. This will make long-distance travels less fatiguing, also enhancing the riding experience by minimizing the effort required to reach a destination.

Finally, another practical approach to rider satisfaction arrives in the form of the lowered seats. Depending on each specific model, these saddles will lower the riding height by 2 to 4 cm (0.8-1.6"), allowing the customers with a shorter inseam to plant a firmer, more reassuring foot on the ground when stopped.

All three types of seats are "produced using refined fabrics that are resistant to atmospheric agents," Ducati informs us, so riding or parking your bike in the rain or searing sun will not damage them. The shapes of the aftermarket seats match and enhance the lines of the respective Ducati models, as aesthetics have always played a pivotal role in the design language of the Italian motorcycle maker.

Needless to say, being OEM items, these seats are a direct replacement on every bike, and will install as easily and intuitively as the stock ones. For pricing and availability, please contact your nearest Ducati dealer.


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