Dual Carbon Batteries Firstly Used by Racing Team TAISAN

Ultra efficient batteries are on their way to power our dreams. The technology improvement has been revealed last month and now racing Team TAISAN said they'll be the first to test it on track.
Team TAISAN 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Power Japan Plus, the company that developed the new carbon-carbon batteries, recently signed a contract to provide Team TAISAN everything they need to test the new tech on track.

The racing team will build a battery pack and fit it in a go-kart first, to make sure it withstands harsh conditions before mounting it into a fully-sized vehicle. Being only inches away from the hot asphalt this summer, the batteries will have to prove they are capable to offer performance without overheating, a common problem with current lithium-ion batteries.

If you played a resource-eating video game on a smartphone, you might have noticed it will get hot. Well, that's because of the processor and the battery heating up when it needs to provide a bigger amount of electricity to the system.

Same happens in electric vehicles, but dual-carbon “Ryden” batteries solve the problem while also being a lot more efficient. Both of its electrodes are made out of processed cotton which resembles carbon fiber, while the electrolyte between them is made out of an organic fluid.

Power Japan says the new battery type can be recharged 20 times faster, pack more punch and last three times more than its li-ion counterparts. Pretty much exactly what Team TAISAN needed to solve their issues with current technology.

Check the video bellow to find more about Team TAISAN's plans.

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