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Drunk Man Steals T-55 Tank, “Invades” Small Polish Town

File this under “stupid things you do when you get drunk with your mates.” A 49-year-old man from Poland stole a tank while under the influence and drove it into a nearby town.
Stolen T-55, taken for a joyride by drunk man in Poland 9 photos
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When the people of Pajczno heard the noise and looked out their windows to see a tank rolling down the street, they called the cops to say the town was about to be invaded, the Daily Mail reports. By the time the police arrived, the man had already parked the tank, which was a 60-year-old T-55 that doesn’t require too much training to operate.

That much goes without saying since this dude was able to drive it while absolutely drunk. One can only assume his hangover came with a sour taste of regret the next morning.

Apparently, the man was helping transport the tank on a trailer, and the trailer broke. While it was being repaired, the man and a friend decided to take the tank for a spin, just to see how it feels like. When police arrived, he had parked it and standing by it, together with his partner in crime. They seem to have taken turns operating the machine.

According to the publication, the man faces up to 8 years in jail if he’s charged with “direct danger of a catastrophe in land, water or air traffic,” which is a possibility. If he’s lucky, he will be charged with a simple driving under the influence, in which case he gets a maximum 2 years behind bars.

Only he knows if the joyride was worth it.

“The vehicle was left to sit in the village, which has around 7,000 residents, until 5am the next morning, when an ex-soldier, who was experienced in the mechanical operations of the tank, was able to load it onto a tow truck,” the Mail says. “It was then taken to a guarded car park.”


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