Drop $1 Million on the Velvet-Filled and Navy-Inspired Bold Superyacht for a Vacation

This world is full of floating dreams we typically call superyachts. This time around, we'll be exploring a truly one-of-a-kind machine, the Bold. Best of all, you and I can charter this beast for a summer or winter vacation.
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Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Folks, Bold is one of those ships that we've covered on several occasions. Why? It's that, well, Bold! Heck, just look at it. The whole navy-style architecture and hull design don't just give off a menacing look, but within those walls hide more toys that you could ever want, need, or have time to experience during a one-week stay.

This brings me to my next point, and the reason we're once again showcasing Bold and all it has to offer: it will offer its luxuries and abilities to those that dish out at least €875K ($930,500 at current exchange rates) on one week aboard this vessel. Oh, and that doesn't include any expenses that may come up during your stay. In short, you and 15 other guests can dish out at least a solid $1 million to enjoy this ship, and there are plenty of reasons why someone should.

Sure, $1 million isn't an insignificant amount, no matter who you ask, but that doesn't stop us from indulging our grey matter with the sort of wonders this ship has to offer. Heck, why not make a vacation aboard Bold one of your goals for the next weeks, months, or years?

If you ever decide to drop this sort of cash on your vacation, the first experience you'll have is that of a helicopter ride to your 85 m (278 ft) floating haven. Once you've touched down on the massive helipad at the rear of Bold, you'll be greeted by a crew of 20 members and the rest of your guests.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
For a moment, take a look around. Let the salty air run through your hair and feel the motion of the ocean underneath your feet. Take in a deep breath, and let that smile you're holding back creep across your face. For now, we leave this massive deck behind and head into the rest of the ship. If you haven't checked out our image gallery yet, now's the time to do so.

Upon entering Bold for the first time, guests are transported to a space where the world around them just disappears. You can let it in if you'd like; just raise the countless blinds covering the floor-to-ceiling glass walls in the sky lounge. For now, let's just let that illuminated ceiling cast its glow onto polished semiprecious metals, tak and oak paneling, and the finest furnishings the industry has to offer. If you like velvet, this is the one for you. Be sure to kick back and watch the game on nine connected flatscreens.

You know, kicking back indoors isn't really what Bold was built for. Sure, the interior luxuries are unparalleled and sure to be fit for the finest of tastes, but this ship tapers to a different kind of soul, the adrenaline-seeking and adventurous ones, as if your subconscious didn't already pick up on that notion.

As you can see, only around half of the vessel is even designated for interior living and relaxation. The rest is occupied by that massive helipad and deck and subsequent exterior areas found on the superstructure. For example, the helicopter can be relocated to the next deck, freeing up nearly half of the ship's length to create a dance floor, a place to play shuffleboard, some basketball, or just roll around and soak up the sun's rays.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
From here, we need to access the beach club found at the rear. Once this section is opened for business, all the Bold's toys start to come into view. There's that additional deck we see aft, a couple of tenders, and two cranes to be used for launching jet skis, sea bobs, and anything else that needs to be handled with care.

Beyond the heavy stuff, transparent kayaks, wakeboards, surfboards, e-foils, and about another 15 items are part of the toys you can access. Heck, if you find some uncharted island in the middle of nowhere, there are even four MTBs with which you can explore the local landscape. Want to go scuba diving? You got it.

Now, once you're nice and drained from the day's activities, it's time for evening festivities. It's at the stage where you'll enjoy the countless alfresco dining areas found aboard Bold, but once the night is over, you'll retire to five-star rooms, the likes of the finest hotels.

At the end of the day, not everyone has this sort of cash to dish out on a one-week stay aboard such a magnificent creature, but if you do, you can be sure to rack up more memories than your Instagram account might be able to hold. Just a little something-something to add to your bucket list.

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