Driving Test Gone Wrong Proves Why It’s Good to Know Left from Right

Let’s go back in time (or forward, depending on your age) and think about when you got your driver’s license. Think about the exam and try to remember how you felt during those moments.
Driving student accident 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Obtaining the driver’s license is a very important moment for all of us, something that will have an impact on the rest of our lives one way or another. With all this in mind, and considering that we’re quite young when this is happening, it’s only natural for emotions to be running high.

After all, it’s just this small obstacle ahead of us and after that we’ll be able to drive cars - real cars - on roads - real roads. For a teenager, that’s like the best thing that could happen next to a date with whoever teenagers these days fancy.

The student in this clip - who appears to be a girl - was a little too excited about the possibility of driving outside the parking lot where the classes were being held and onto real public roads and decided to skip some (obviously necessary) stages. She was so determined that she didn’t even show much consideration for the fence separating the two and drove straight through it.

What she was actually supposed to do was navigate through the cones and then finally stop the car at the end of the predetermined course. She appears to knock over a cone on the right-hand side just before the end, which might explain what startled her and caused the confusion.

Whoever drove a manual for a long time and then started braking with the left foot knows that muscle memory is very strong and can easily override brain impulses when it gets hairy. That’s how you end up doing an emergency brake for no reason, just because your left foot is used to pressing the clutch pedal all the way.

The student appears to have mistaken the gas pedal for the brake, and then kept on slamming it as she panicked, because that’s what her right foot knew it was supposed to do to stop the car. One knocked over concrete fence and one dragged instructor later, she stops in the middle of what appears to be a public road, which luckily had no traffic at that time.

While it could have ended worse, we’d assume the car doesn’t look too good and that fence isn’t too happy about the newly acquired hole that kind of ruins its purpose, but at least every human being is still in one piece. What happened after the cameras stopped rolling, that we’ll never know.

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