Driving Boring Company's Boring Machine Is the Ultimate Tesla Referral Reward

Tesla's refusal to use the traditional method of selling cars through dealerships is almost as old news as water being wet, and the same goes for its decision not to use traditional advertising channels.
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Instead, Elon Musk's company relies on free publicity, word of mouth, and, most importantly, its referral program. Like missionaries, Tesla owners are encouraged to talk about their vehicles and convince as many people as possible to buy the brand's EVs in exchange for some rewards.

Each owner gets a referral code that they can pass on to any new potential customer for a $1,000 discount for the latter and various prizes for the former. Depending on the number of successful referrals you've had, these prizes can go from Tesla merchandise to a new set of wheels for your car or an invitation to a special event (like the inauguration of the Gigafactory this summer, for example).

The system featured several rounds with each activated after completing the previous one. However, the latest round featured "secret levels" that were unlocked only after all your referrals were delivered, which meant the nature of the reward remained a mystery up to this point.

Those who manage to access the first level will get a 2% discount on a Founder Series Tesla Roadster for each new referral, which might add up to a considerable deduction on the vehicle's price when it will eventually come out.

Thanks to Bjorn Nyland, a well-known figure in the Tesla community due to his YouTube activity, (and via Electrek) we now know what the second level reward is as well: the chance to drive the Electric Boring Machine. Bjorn now needs to refer five more people and he'll have the opportunity to drive what is essentially the opposite of a Tesla: one of the world's slowest electric vehicles of all time.

You may not see the appeal in that - especially since it's not like you'll get any kind of freedom once you're in charge of the giant electric mole - but being involved in Elon Musk's other enterprises is a big deal for Tesla owners. Or at least that's what Elon Musk seems to believe.
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