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We all have one classic model that we go nuts for whenever we see it or hear a mention of it. In fact, most of us have more than one, but if you plan on using DriveShare to satisfy all your desires, it might end up being more expensive than actually buying one car.
So, what is DriveShare? To put it simply, it's a brilliant idea. You could describe it as a car-sharing network, but with a very important catch: you won't find any Toyota Corollas, Chevrolet Malibus or Nissan Altimas here. Well, you might, but they would be 30 years old or so.

The platform allows people to look for classic or special cars and then rent them for a day (or more, but they can get pretty expensive). It also welcomes anyone who thinks they own a vehicle that qualifies to become a member and allow others experience the joy of driving that car. All for a cost, of course.

The best thing about DriveShare is that it all feels very intimate. A renter will browse for the model of his choice and when he decides on one, he'll be able to chat with the owner and ask any question he might think of. At the same time, the owner is "in complete control" and can deny somebody access to their car based on their profile or the discussion they had.

Of course, all vehicles are insured for full replacement cost at a value agreed by both DriveShare and the owner. What's more, the renter has full roadside service in case any mechanical malfunction occurs, including flatbed towing. And given some of these vehicles were built before World War II, the possibility of needing assistance is real.

As far as models go, they range from American muscle cars and British luxury models to German classics and Italian exotics. Prices start as low as $120 for a full day (for a 1998 Jaguar XJR) and can go up to $3,300 if you fancy a 2015 Lamborghini Aventador (though you can get a 2014 one for less than half that).

Most of the on the website testimonies belong to women who booked the vehicles as presents for their husbands, so if your birthday is coming up, it doesn't hurt to casually leave the laptop open with the DriveShare page displayed when you know she'll be looking.
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