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Drivers Are Less Likely to Crash When Driving a Tesla Than When Driving Other Cars: Study

A lot has been said about the safety of Tesla cars, especially when they are driving on Autopilot or with Tesla Full Self-Driving activated. A recent study by Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) gives a rare insight into EV risks. One interesting finding is that Tesla drivers are safer when driving their car than they are when driving another.
Drivers are 50% less likely to crash when driving a Tesla 6 photos
Teslas on Autopilot are eight times safer than the average American carTeslas on Autopilot are eight times safer than the average American carTeslas on Autopilot are eight times safer than the average American carTesla Autopilot and FSDTesla Autopilot and FSD
CMT’s recent study has offered some fascinating insight into driving risk for electric, hybrid, and traditional vehicles. The study has revealed that the drivers of electric cars are particularly exposed to acceleration risks. These are 180% to 340% higher than when driving traditional combustion vehicles. It sounds scary, but it’s pretty normal, considering the strong acceleration performance of today’s EVs.

Electric motors deliver instant torque, as opposed to ICEs which need to rev up before reaching peak torque and power. This is even more obvious when most electric vehicles on the market are significantly more powerful than their combustion equivalents. This makes the average drivers, especially those with a heavy foot, often miscalculate the amount of acceleration needed.

Among the most exciting findings are the comparisons between drivers who operate both an electric vehicle and an internal combustion vehicle. This allowed for a better understanding of risk across different vehicle platforms. The researchers were particularly interested in Tesla drivers, and they were not disappointed.

CMT’s research found Tesla drivers are 50% less likely to crash their electric vehicle than if they were driving another car. The study does not say whether this is because the drivers are more responsible or the Teslas has something that makes them inherently safer.

This goes for Tesla drivers only, not other drivers of electric vehicles. In the case of Porsche Taycan drivers, they are actually 55% more likely to crash when they are driving the Taycan than when driving another car.


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