Driver Who Deliberately Crashed into a Rider Charged with Double Aggravated Assault

It's been only a couple of days since we showed you a piece of disturbing footage recorded by a rider's helmet cam in the northern areas of Texas. The camera recorded how a white Mercury deliberately swerved into a bike that was overtaking in a no passing zone.
William Crum crashing into Eric Sanders' bike 1 photo
The driver was identified as William Crum, 68. He told the police that he didn’t swerved into the motorcycle intentionally, but as a reflex caused by an insect that bit him near his groin.

However, the second rider handed his camera to the police so that video evidence helped them sort out the case. After watching the footage, the local authorities dismissed Crum's insect story and charged him with two counts of aggravated assault and set a bond of $150,000 (€132,000).
"What were you doing, you hit them! I don't care! I got this on video! I don't care!"
The rider who crashed is Eric Sanders, and he was together with his girlfriend when Crum made his reckless move. Sanders suffered abrasions, while his girlfriend came off much worse. She suffered a broken wrist and deep arm lacerations and had to be taken to a hospital for treatment.

The world in bold characters are the very words Crum used when confronted by the camera rider. And if you think that Crum regrets his actions entirely, you're wrong. Sky reports that "in an interview with WFAA-TV, Crum added he would be willing to apologize to the female bike passenger, but not to Mr. Sanders."

We'll leave appreciating Mr. Crum's behavior to you and add that Eric Sanders was also cited for overtaking in a no passing zone and driving with an invalid license. And we just have to be the devil's advocate and say that all this could have been avoided if Sanders would have complied with the restrictions of his "invalid license" whatever this lack of validity means.

Fancy getting unnerved by watching the I don't care scenes? Follow the link to the original article.


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