Driver Thinks Bentley Badges Are Cool on Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius with Bentley badge 2 photos
Photo: Car Mistakes via Shmee150
Toyota Prius with Bentley badge
How many times have you spotted BMWs with fake M badges, or Mercedes-Benz stock models with AMG writing on the back?
Probably many times and you’ve thought that this action is pretty stupid. Just like extra-low budget racer-teenagers take their mom’s minivan, apply some Chinese plastic bumpers and “cool” manufacturer stickers, hard revving their diesel engine next to some chick at the stoplight.

It seems that the badge trend got kicked up a notch, as people started even placing other automakers badges on their cars. Like this one in the picture above, who spoiled his Toyota Prius with a Bentley badge, after he blackened out the original manufacturer’s one.

It’s plain dumb... You can’t even compare a high-mileage green car like the Prius with the heavy gas-guzzling Bentley in the first place. We can’t see the point even if it was placed there in an ironical way.
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