Driver Overestimates the Tesla Cybertruck, Gets Stuck in River Bed

Tesla Cybertruck gets stuck in the river 8 photos
Photo: The dark lord chin chin | YouTube
Tesla Cybertruck gets stuck in the riverTesla Cybertruck gets stuck in the riverTesla Cybertruck gets stuck in the riverTesla Cybertruck gets stuck in the riverTesla Cybertruck gets stuck in the riverTesla Cybertruck gets stuck in the riverTesla Cybertruck gets stuck in the river
Tesla has been trying to prove the Cybertruck's off-road capabilities since the development stage. Somehow, people received every venture with skepticism, labeling it as either "too weak," "too slow," or "too... everything." Now, here comes the video that proves that off-roading is not its strong point.
A driver took his Tesla Cybertruck into the great wild. He must have overestimated the capabilities of his vehicle, which failed to deliver what he expected: unlimited off-road performance. It turns out that even the almighty (or so it's advertised) Cybertruck has its limits.

Everything went just the way the driver planned it. Until it went south. He got stuck in a river and was unable to drive back to land. A 58-second video shows the Cybertruck going into the water. But when it tries to climb on the other side of the river, it remains stuck in an awkward position and then rolls back down, with no chance whatsoever to get its wheels back to land.

The truth is that the bank is indeed steep and rocky, which might cause problems for any pickup truck or natural-born off-roader for that matter. A little more speed would have probably helped. But considering that the water in front does not offer visibility to the river bed and the bank might cause serious damage to the front bumper and underride, it is most likely better that the driver did not push his luck.

The one who shot the incident explains in the comments of his video uploaded to YouTube that his phone died. So, he missed the whole rescue operation. The one who came to the rescue of the Cybertruck was a Chevrolet Silverado.

Tesla Cybertruck gets stuck in the river
Photo: The dark lord chin chin | YouTube
The Chevy towed the Tesla out of its predicament and brought it back to land. The incident reportedly happened at the Azula Canyon. But there must be a typo involved, because the only location name resembling "Azula" is Azusa, in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles County, California, some 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of downtown LA.

However, this is not the first time we have seen Tesla failing in the off-road. While Elon Musk has been advertising the model as invincible and unbeatable, owners are taking it for granted and put the vehicle to the test, hoping that it is not going to fail them. However, it sometimes does.

Back in early March, we reported about a Tesla Cybertruck getting cyber-stuck on the beach. It was obvious that the driver had forgotten (or didn't know that he should have done it) to deflate the tires. So he went head-first into the sand until he got stuck. Pushing back to the road a truck that tips the scale at 6,843 pounds (3,104 kilograms) must have caused the driver and his friend some serious muscle fever.

During the development stage, a Cybertruck bizarrely carrying a Christmas tree in the bed slipped off the road and needed the help of a Ford F-350 to get back to the trail.

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