Driver Goes Through Flood Torrent, Finds Out Why Noah Used an Ark and Not a Car

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
There are floods happening in some corners of the world as we speak, so knowing what to do and what not to do in these situations can be quite useful. Naturally, streets flooded with water and driving don’t go together that well, but it appears some people could do with a reminder now and then.
Of all the destructive natural phenomena through which this planet is trying to get itself rid of its greatest pest we like to call humanity, floods are some of the worst. Sure, strong earthquakes can level entire cities, but they are very rare occurrences, and the same can be said about floods anyway.

Just think about what happened to New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina back in 2005, and you should get the picture. But even though an excess of water is the obvious cause for a flood, its source can vary from heavy precipitations to a very quick melting of the snow. And when this happens at higher altitudes, it gives birth to rapid torrents that can sweep entire houses away if they’re unlucky enough to find themselves in their way.

And yet some people are willing put themselves in this situation. We have no idea what business the driver in the video below had on the other side of that brown-water torrent, but just for the sake of it, we’ll assume it was really important. He saw those scrawny countrymen of his standing in the middle of the torrent unharmed and thought “if they can do it, so can my car. After all, it is considerably heavier, so the water will have a harder time moving it.”

Yeah, only that those scrawny dudes had scrawny legs as well, which meant the moving water had very little contact surface to exert its power on them. With a car, though, the situation is completely different. If the driver had anticipated the force of the torrent, he would have set off diagonally to the right, taking a false trajectory that would have hopefully canceled the water’s action on the car and delivered it safely on the other side.

What happens instead is both predictable and somewhat rewarding to see, especially since nobody seems to get hurt. Apart from the driver’s ego.

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