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Driver Gets Out To Inform Rider She Is Distracted By His Camera

Motovlogging or simply rocking one as a digital witness to whatever might happen in traffic, more and more motorcycle riders get to stick a wide-lens camera to their helmet or machine. And they capture some of the craziest events, from crashes and slides to lunatics in traffic.
Driver tells rider his camera is distracting her focus 1 photo
The video here is of the last kind, and this rider gets surprised by one of the stupidest excuses you can get from a driver. So there’s this rider, going by the giXXer hick name on YouTube, who was minding his own business, riding safe and having a good time on his Suzuki GSX-R I presume, given his name.

A stoplight comes up ahead, and everybody stops, including the rider who doesn’t start lane splitting. Then guess what? A female driver gets out of the Audi Q5 behind him, comes by, touches his camera multiple times and tells him some of the stupidest things ever.

She claims that she and other drivers around can’t focus on driving because they get distracted by the camera mounted on his helmet. Not by talking on the phone, not by texting, not by scrolling on Facebook, nor putting up makeup or eating, but by the guy's camera.

Why in the name of the dinosaurs that died to give us gasoline would a camera that is not facing you distracting or intimidating? If the rider would have been behind that lady or next to her and was constantly pointing the camera at her, yes. That is understandable, but saying that she can’t be aware of the traffic around because she’s focusing on the camera, that sounds quite dumb.

With all the respect for the lady, who was calm explaining the situation, what else does get you distracted when driving? Trees? Birds? Telephone poles?


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