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Driver Discovers Reality Is Harsher Than Statistics After Being Caught Speeding Twice

People often comfort themselves by referring to statistics, but sometimes statistics and reality are two different things. A man was arrested in Las Vegas after being caught speeding twice in two minutes. What were the odds...?
Driver arrested after being caught speeding twice 6 photos
Driver arrested after being caught speeding twiceDriver arrested after being caught speeding twiceChevrolet Camaro SSChevrolet Camaro SSChevrolet Camaro SS
Speeding is one of the most common contributing factors in serious crashes, and it’s why police officers worldwide try to combat speeding with tickets, fines, and sometimes more. Many drivers believe speeding is no big deal, the car is fast, they’re a good driver, and a ticket doesn’t hurt more than the budget. Sometimes, it’s more than that, and police may seize your vehicle or even arrest you if you’re deemed too dangerous for others.

This is what a Las Vegas man discovered the hard way after he was caught speeding in Las Vegas not once but twice in a matter of minutes. Jeffrey Hair and his Chevy Camaro SS were first stopped by NLVPD police officers on Lake Mead Boulevard in Las Vegas after he was clocked driving at 73 mph (117 kph) in a 35 mph (56 kph) zone. Instead of a wake-up call, the fine was considered a getaway ticket by Hair, who thought the chances of getting caught twice were slim to none.

But statistics don’t always reflect real life, and despite odds, Hair was pulled over again less than two minutes later, this time on 5th Street south of Brooks. Not only was he speeding again, but this time he was driving way faster, at 106 mph (170 kph) in a 35 mph zone. This time he wouldn’t get away with only a speeding ticket. Instead, he was arrested and booked on reckless driving. His car was also towed.

Hair’s bad luck was a “multi-jurisdictional joining-forces event” between multiple Las Vegas police departments aimed at cracking down on speeding drivers. While these are rare, they happen and can get you into trouble. Remember, speeding can end much worse than in prison, as thousands of people lose their lives yearly in speed-related crashes.


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