Driver and Road Covered in Yellow Paint after Two Trucks Crash in Russia

Normally, when two trucks crash into each other, the outcome is of a gruesome red. But today, we can report that a lorry incident in Russia left everything covered in yellow.
Driver and Road Covered in Yellow Paint after Truck Crash in Russia 1 photo
The crash saw one driver slamming his cabin into the back of another trucker's trailer. Unfortunately, it was filled to the brim with bright yellow paint, which was destined for nearby road works.

The incident happened on a straight piece of the M-4 Don highway in the Tula region of the Russia. Little is known about what caused it, but it's the outcome we're most interested in.

The truck driver is covered in thick yellow paint, looking both concerned for his job and stunned by what happened. The color makes him look just like a character from The Simpsons, but we're concerned about his health. You see, road paint is supposed to be durable, not soft for the skin. The vapors it emits could also cause respiratory problems. Fortunately, only minor physical injuries were sustained.

The impact against the back of the trailer smashed the windscreen, and when the paint cans exploded, everything got covered in yellow.

Footage taken right after the crash shows how the Russian highway is also covered in paint, causing traffic to be temporarily suspended on Saturday. Only when the wreckage of the vehicles is moved, and the paint cleared can everything go back to normal.

It could take some time before we see any yellow lines M-4 Don highway.

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