Driven: BMW M340d xDrive Touring – The Strong Argument

With the BMW M340d xDrive Touring, the Munich-based automaker is trying something new. For the first time seven generations, a self-igniting powertrain moves under the hood of an M Performance vehicle in the 3 Series. It impressively demonstrates what a powerful and sophisticated diesel is capable of these days. And along the way, it offers an entry into the glittering world of BMW M.
2022 BMW M340d xDrive Touring 32 photos
Photo: Axel Griesinger
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Not so many years ago, there was no alternative to a station wagon. If you needed some space, for example for your family or luggage, you couldn't get past the backpack sedans. But times are hard these days for T-wagons, Avants, Tourings and Co., and station wagons are losing more and more market share. Today it has to be an SUV. The zeitgeist is calling for them, and those who want to be at the forefront of this trend go straight for the SUV coupé. On the other hand, those who are satisfied with a BMW 3 Series station wagon look almost bourgeois. But if you opt for a BMW M340d xDrive Touring, you get a real fire starter.

Because even though M vehicles that are followed by several numbers after the letter are only among the "light" models from the performance workshop in Garching near Munich, they still are sly old dogs. This also applies to the diesel engine, which delivers a surprisingly flawless performance.

Design: Discretion has a name - BMW M340d xDrive touring

Visually, the M Performance cars remain mostly discreet. The normal M Sport package is enough for the design, garnished with a bit more color. For example, the delicate gold shimmer on the kidney frame, air intakes and mirror caps. It tells the expert that 340 horsepower is at work here. Even the mighty sports brake is hardly noticeable behind the two-tone 19-inch alloy wheels.

2022 BMW M340d xDrive Touring
Photo: Axel Griesinger
So if you're looking for a show-off, you've come to the wrong place with the BMW M340d xDrive Touring. Because it wears its fur on the inside - at least if you've put the right crosses in the long and expensive option list.

Interior: A 3 Series always fits like a tailor-made suit. So does this one

A 3 Series always fits like a made-to-measure Italian suit. You've never been able to move around much here; instead, everything was perfectly at hand and you had the car perfectly under control. This also applies to the current generation of the station wagon with the development code G21. Worth mentioning are the sports seats, which can not only be adjusted in wide ranges, but can also be adjusted in backrest width. Only the hardness of the upholstery can feel a bit too firm for a sensitive bottom. But you learn to appreciate the decent support over long distances though.

However, it is tight in the rear. It's enough for everyday use, but it's really more tailored to children than to transporting three adults. Nevertheless, there is plenty of room for two child seats. But a 3 Series is no Skoda Superb, you have to keep that in mind. Nevertheless, the luggage capacity is decent. Here, the Bimmer wagon offers a solid range with at least 500 liters of volume.

Technology: The technical differences are small. The effect is not

However, a BMW with an M in its name is not primarily about space and variability. After all, the M still stands for motorsport. That's why the developers' absolute focus remains on the well known sheer driving pleasure. Technically, they have upgraded the M340d touring accordingly. And even if the changes to the chassis and transmission have only been subtle, the difference is still tremendous.

2022 BMW M340d xDrive Touring
Photo: Axel Griesinger
A slightly wider track width provides better support for the body roll, more negative camber for increased tire contact in fast cornering, and the stiffer chassis rubber mounts bring more precision to the wheel guidance. Added to this is the active rear axle differential, which not only acts as a LSD but can also distribute torque wheel-selectively.

Depending on the situation, the task can be a mighty one for the gears and shafts, because the three-liter turbodiesel pushes a massive 700 Newton meters to the four driven wheels. This engine almost doesn't need the supportive boost of the 11 kW starter generator, as the self-igniter pushes out of the deepest lows so effortlessly. By the way: the diesel is at least as smooth-running as its gasoline brothers, and with a peak above 5,000 rpm it is also surprisingly rev-happy.

Driving dynamics: in the right mode, the M340d is a drifting cornering machine

It's all a question of setup. Anyone who selects their desired configuration in the depths of the iDrive menu will, in the best case, get a fast-as-an-arrow precision tool that shows no mercy around the curve. But above all, it's one that makes you forget all about your touring backpack.

2022 BMW M340d xDrive Touring
Photo: Axel Griesinger
There is no fuzziness either when turning in or when moving around the bend. At the exit, there is always enough diesel power available to let the rear end exit the bend easily in a powerslide. It's remarkable what the M engineers have conjured out of the relatively well-behaved standard 3 Series station wagon.What's even more remarkable is that they don't trade performance for exaggerated harshness, but offer it in a range that is currently unmatched in the market segment.

Ride comfort: the fast Bavarian's top discipline

One example: at the recommended speed on the German autobahn (130 km/h), you can hardly hear the big diesel. The fabulous 8-speed automatic transmission from ZF helps the Bimmer cruise casually below 2,000 rpm, and the double acoustic windows shields even the last disturbing frequencies from the passengers. Of course, a 5 Series or even a 7 Series can do even better, but the overall comfort level of the BMW M340d xDrive touring is quite remarkable.

However, its talent only really comes to the surface when the transmission shifts down three gears and lets the six-cylinder jubilate. The 340 hp of the almost 1.9-ton heavy car pulls it forward with vehemence.The sprint to 100 kph (62 mph) is history in well under five seconds, and the M performance wagon doesn't run out of breath at the top either.

2022 BMW M340d xDrive Touring
Photo: Axel Griesinger
Beyond 200 kph (124 mph), everything comes together in an impressively harmonious picture. The steering conveys calmness and precision in equal measure, and the Bimmer follows its course stoically yet sensitively. In addition, the chassis not only transparently reports the road conditions, but also wonderfully communicates the limit of the tires directly to the driver.

Meanwhile, the interior of the vehicle is wonderfully quiet, if requested interspersed with the punchy sound of the optional Harman/Kardon Surround Sound audio system, which can be controlled with a variety of music from the intuitively operated iDrive.


The BMW M340d xDrive Touring is perhaps the perfect car for all occasions. It offers enough space for the family or sports equipment. It is inconspicuous and impressively fast - and not just in a straight line. At the same time, this 3 Series surprises with long-distance consumption of sometimes less than 6.0 liters diesel per 100 kilometers. And when needed, it burns travel times into the asphalt on the long haul that you would hardly think possible. So if you're looking for a discreet car in the classic "small body, big engine" style, you should get one. This combination won't be around for long. Unfortunately.

For this reason, we give the BMW M340d xDrive Touring 5/5 stars.

The overview:


One of the best diesel engines in the world
Powerful and easy to rev
Very low consumption in relation to the driving performance
Great chassis setup in all driving modes


Ambitious base price
Only with expensive options a valuable ambience is achieved
Very nervous assistance systems

Technical data:
Model: BMW M340d xDrive Touring
Engine: Straight six-cylinder, 2,993 cc
Power: 250 kW /340 hp (4,400 rpm)
Torque: 700 Nm (1,750-2,250 rpm)
Drive: All-wheel drive, eight-speed automatic transmission
Fuel consumption combined (WLTP): 6.7-6.1 l/100km2
CO2 emissions combined (WLTP): 177-160 g/km2
Test consumption: 7.1 l/100km
Acceleration (0 - 100km/h / 62 mph): 4.8 s*
Top speed: 250 km/h* 155 mph) limited
Dimensions (L/W/H): 4.71 m/1.83 m/1.44 m
Weight: 1,880 kg*
Base price: from 68,800 Euro in Germany

* Factory data
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