Drifty Porsche 911 GT3 RS PDK Nurburgring Lap Will Blow Your Mind

No, drifting isn't legal on the Nurburgring. However, since it can be incredibly difficult to separate the occasional tail-out moments from the intentional sliding, many drivers manage to get away with pulling delicious slip angles on the Green Hell.
Porsche 911 GT3 RS PDK Nurburgring drifting 7 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
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And we're here to show you a driver who probably couldn't live without the rear end dancing. We're talking about Powerslide Lover, the supercar driver who seems more and more inclined towards track drifting (have an Audi RS6 Avant track sliding moment from him) rather than the reckless street adventures he's delivered in the past (here's a LaFerrari street drifting example).

Now that all of you are aware of the driver's background, we'll mention that, this time around, the Italian aficionado offers Nurburgring settler Boosted Boris a very drifty shotgun ride inside his Porsche 911 GT3 RS PDK.

Now, before anybody argues that this Nordschleife lap could've gone even further down the sideways path than it already has, the driver explains why that didn't happen in the final part of the clip.

The guy mentions the lap time-biased wheel alignment his car had recently received, as well as the monstrous grip of the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R rubber fitted to the Rennsport Neunelfer.

Normally, we'd label such explanations as racing driver excuses, but, knowing the usual slip angle stunts of the guy, we tend to believe him.

As for how an all-out slip angle Rennsport Neunelfer track adventure looks like, this stunt, which sees a Porsche driving instructor manhandling a GT3 RS into tail-out submission, should make for a respectable example. Oh, and here's another episode of the sort, this time filmed from outside the supercar.

P.S.: Given the details we mentioned in the intro, it's probably best not to try this at home, or in your car, for that matter.

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