Drifting Toyota AE 86 - Perfect Car for Flipping the Bird From

Toyota AE 86 Drift and Flip 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Decided to learn drifting but you don’t know what car to start with? Well, just have a Toyota AE 86 and flip off everyone calling you a ricer and suggesting a BMW 3 Series or something similar.
Why is it so good to start with? Well, a used Toyota AE 86 now comes at a very small price and will still retain a lot of its capabilities. It’s a Toyota after all and this means it will support a lot of punishment before dying on you. And drifting is one of the most punishing motorsports you can try for low bucks. And because you spent so less on it, you’ll be confident enough to push its limits sideways. What, can happen? Bend it well and buy another one, but the experience you gained will help you drive the next one better.

Just get a rust-free AE 86, fit a rollcage in along with a bucket seats and racing steering wheel, get a helmet and upgrade its engine to make a bit over 200 hp.

Then start learning different drifting techniques, master them at the level the car will allow and then go show the wannabes how good you are in a classic J-tin. Don’t forget to mount some offensive stickers (check the one above the rearview mirror) and flip them the bird occasionally like this pro drifter from team Running Free does here in the video while punishing his hachi-roku on the Tsukuba circuit in Japan.

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