Drifting BMW M3 Hits Overenthusiastic Bystander

Drifting is definitely an art form when performed by professionals. In other cases it can get you in serious trouble. That’s especially true when amateurs do it and there’s no security around to keep the overenthusiastic people at bay.
Man Planking on Drifting M3 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
Maybe, after watching this video, you’ll understand better why at all those drifting competitions, there’s usually a sturdy concrete wall separating the crowds from the cars.

The video below seems to have been recorded somewhere in Poland and shows us a decent drifter doing what he knows best with his E36 M3. However, one of his ... friends? ... decides to cheer him on and gets a bit too close to the rear end of the car.

Now, what follows is not surprising at all but we do have to consider the factors that led to the man’s face getting seriously squashed by the car’s boot lid or, as we like to call it here, a case of unexpected planking.

One of them could be the lack of experience from the driver that didn’t realize how wide his drift would be at the moment in reached his supposed friend. We hardly think that’s the case...

The real reason might be the completely stupid behavior of the bystander that, we suppose, might’ve also been drinking heavily before the camera was turned on. At least, if that was the case, he’d have an explanation for his behavior. Either way, please don’t try this at home! We’re pretty sure the trip to the hospital wasn’t worth it.

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