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Dreamy Three-Loft Tiny Home Bobbi Was Designed for a Family of Five
It's true that you have less space to work with when you're staying in a tiny house, but you don't have to feel cramped. You can actually live big in a smaller home. All it takes is finding the right design and some storage hacks, and you won't even feel that you're living tiny. Bobby is a great example. This tiny home was designed for big families, offering all the amenities you'd find in a regular home.

Dreamy Three-Loft Tiny Home Bobbi Was Designed for a Family of Five

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Bobbi was built by the folks from Shaye's Tiny Homes, a tiny home builder located in New Zealand. Shaye and her team took the tiny path in 2013 and have since constructed plenty of gorgeous dwellings for its customers. Each custom build is tailored to fit the owner's needs, and every model comes with its own story.

That's the case with Bobbi as well. Designed for a family of five, this house is a little piece of heaven. Shaye says that the project was special from the beginning. Created for "a single mama who wanted a sanctuary for her three girls and herself," Bobbi is not quite like other tinies.

It measures nine meters (29.5 ft) in length and it's three meters (9.8 ft) wide. So it's definitely an overwidth model. But that's far from what this house has to offer. Bobbi also comes with not one, not two, but three loft bedrooms! And all feature clever storage solutions.

The main loft has enough room for a queen-size bed, while the other two lofts can fit a large single bed or two overlapping beds. The bedrooms have space for a dresser, and they are all connected by a full-height walkway.

Elsewhere, the home is surprisingly spacious. Downstairs, there's an incredible kitchen designed for someone who loves to cook. It comes with all the necessary appliances, including a four-burner stove with oven and rangehood, a sink, and a full-size fridge.

There are plenty of cupboards and drawers for storage. Plus, you have the stairs right next to the kitchen, and they also come with built-in storage space. The owner also benefits from generous countertops, and it even has a massive window that opens up to let the outdoors in.

In fact, the whole living space was extended since a deck was added to the build. There's also a roof, allowing the family to use this space even when it rains. A glass tri-folding door played a key role in creating a complete indoor-outdoor experience.

Right as you step inside, you can see the living room, which comes complete with a corner family couch where everyone can chill. At the opposite end is the bathroom, which is just as spacious as the other areas. It has a large shower, a vanity unit, a toilet, and built-in storage for a washing machine and dryer.

According to the company, Bobbi became a haven for a large family. The house is located in a lovely setting, surrounded by nature. You can find out more about this mobile home and other designs on Shaye's Tiny Homes official website.

Bobby doesn't have a price listed since the plans, materials, finishes, and appliances can differ from customer to customer. The company does mention that every plan can be customized "as long as the changes are not structural." One important aspect worth mentioning is that their designs are prewired for a solar system, allowing the owners to live off the grid if they wish.

If you find your dream tiny among the designs, keep in mind that Shaye's Tiny Homes does not ship outside of New Zealand. They do, however, collaborate with international construction partners based in the UK, the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

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