Dreams Are Closer to Reality With the Right Support - Mentoring Program From Bentley

Bentley is one of the companies that has begun to see the potential of young people, which can be a strong point when it comes to well-trained employees, and if this happens since studenthood, a valuable team is guaranteed. The English luxury car manufacturer not only offers such a chance to young engineers and designers, but also wants to develop the careers of women in this segment.
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What value and meaning would information and experience have if we kept what we acquire only for ourselves, without translating them into things useful for humanity, but especially in people, as a legacy?

Based on this philosophy, Bentley has launched the "Extraordinary Women" mentoring program in March this year, with the goal of including more women in the automotive sector as their interest in the field grows, but they have not been given enough confidence to prove their abilities.

In fact, recent studies have shown that in the U.S., although women make up half of the workforce, they give up or avoid this field for reasons such as lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion (64%) or worse, sexual harassment (65%). As the same study reports that more than 50% of the top companies in this industry do not have women on their executive teams, Bentley's goal is to balance its management team, including women by 2025 as part of the Beyond100 sustainable strategy.

The "Extraordinary Women" mentoring program was developed in partnership with universities in the UK and the Middle East(an important market for Bentley), in order to give women equal chances and opportunities to pursue careers in the automotive industry. During a week, at Bentley's headquarters in Cheshire, students from the UK and UAE were able to hold talks with Bentley leaders and trainers, visit the factory, observe the operating processes and validate their innovative ideas with members of marketing and sales.

Initiated in the UAE in December 2021, Bentley's mentoring program aims to encourage women around the world to work in areas such as automotive engineering, design, technology and management, as they certainly have a lot to say in this industry. Next stop? Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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