Drake Criticized for 14-Minute Flight in His Boeing 767 Private Jet, He’s Not Having It

Millionaire celebrities trying to come across as relatable on social media are being shut down by their own fans and, in the process, exposed as environmental hypocrites. The main things they’re being criticized for are their excessive private jet use and the excessiveness of traveling with SUV motorcades in their personal time.
Drake is getting dragged on social media for a 14-minute flight of his "Drake Air" private jet 8 photos
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Drake is one such celebrity. He’s currently being dragged on social media for a 14-minute flight in his private jet, the $185 million custom Boeing 767 he calls “Air Drake” that he got in 2019.

The student who became an overnight sensation for tracking Elon Musk’s private jet and refusing to accept a $5,000 payout to shut down the Twitter account publicizing the flights is now tracking celebrities. In recent weeks, the @CelebJets page has gotten increased attention over exposing the very short flights some celebrities take when a drive by car wouldn’t add too much time to the journey but would be considerably less damaging to the environment.

Among these celebrities shamed for their private jet use on social media are Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, and now Drake. The Canadian rapper’s private jet recently took a 14-minute flight from Toronto to Hamilton in Ontario, Canada. Data available to the public doesn’t reveal who is onboard each flight, but even diehard Drake fans jumped to the conclusion that he pulled a Kylie by hopping on his plane instead of going for a slightly longer drive.

But Drake doesn't have it. As he was being called out for pumping incredible amounts of emissions into the atmosphere (this flight alone generated some 4 tons of CO2 emissions and cost nearly $3,000 in fuel), he says there’s a perfectly logical explanation. “This is just them moving planes to whatever airport they are being stored at for anyone who was interested in the logistics,” he responded to a local media outlet, as per Bilboard. “Nobody takes that flight.”

That last part is not entirely accurate since someone must be on the flight if only we're talking about the pilot. But that would be missing the point of Drake's statement, namely that he didn't choose a 14-minute flight over a car ride. Hence he shouldn't be criticized. Sure, his jet still has a massive carbon footprint, including when it's not used for business, but he will have us believe that, somehow, he is not part of the problem.

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Editor's note: The custom livery of Drake Air is shown in the gallery.

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