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Dragon Ball Z Themed Golf GTD Has Everything We Love

Despite a horrible Hollywood remake movie attempt and various copycats that have sprouted up over the years, Dragon Ball Z is still one of the most popular anime-type cartoons of all time, and we're not just talking in Japan.
Dragon Ball Z Themed Golf GTD 9 photos
Dragon Ball Z Themed Golf GTDDragon Ball Z Themed Golf GTDDragon Ball Z Themed Golf GTDDragon Ball Z Themed Golf GTDDragon Ball Z Themed Golf GTDDragon Ball Z Themed Golf GTDDragon Ball Z Themed Golf GTDDragon Ball Z Themed Golf GTD
Thanks to the hard work of the team that dubbed the whole 291 episodes some years back, kids from places like Sweden or Dubai and South Africa grew up watching Son Goku fighting his arch enemies Vegeta, Frieza, Majin Buu and Cell (to name only the big ones).

And since the anime series staring Goku and his friends began being released in 1989, some of those kids that grew up on Dragon Ball Z are now older. They still think Goku is the strongest fighter in the Universe, mightier even than Superman, and are not afraid to let that show though their cars.

We built up that huge introduction just so we could say hello to the Golf GTD Dragon Ball Z Edition. Essentially, it's just a Golf with a 2-liter diesel engine and a vinyl wrap, done by German firm Schwaben Folia and MTCHBX Designs. However, if fans of the series ever got to see this car, they would go nuts over the photo of Goku performing the famous Kamehameha wave on the side of the car or the Spirit Bomb over the rear badge.

We got so carried away with the anime stuff that we forgot to tell you about the Golf GTD. Here's what you need to know! This is a brand new hot hatch launched a year ago. Instead of a conventional petrol engine like most cars in this segment, it uses a 2-liter TDI diesel that delivers a respectable 184 PS and 380 Nm of torque though the front wheels. When equipped with a DSG gearbox, the GTD is capable of doing 0 to 100 km/h sprints in a very respectable 7.5 seconds. This particular one also has very nice BBS gold wheels, a retro touch, and even it's own Facebook page.


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