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Drag Knee, Grab GoPro, Take a Selfie, Don’t Crash

Here’s a very cool display of great riding and guts from Derek Molle, a rider who seems to know very well his way around the J turn of the infamous Mulholland Highway, the very place where so many guys who try to push their limits will fail. In fact, there’s not a single day without some chaps taking a spill, with some of them obviously nowhere near skilled enough for this road or for playing Rossi or MM93 in this turn.
Showing how it's done around the Snake 1 photo
However, among all those who leave Muholland covered in shame, with dented egos and more than once or twice with the bike on the trailer, we can find fellows like Derek, who know exactly where the real cool lies… and the result is a spectacular one, at least in this case.

Funny thing how Derek makes everything seem so easy. He rides into the turn on a flawless line, ready for the pickup, even though nobody can suspect what’s next. Feet before his Yamaha YZF-R1 passes the GoPro laid on the road between the two yellow lines, he takes his left hand off the bar and reaches to the camera, managing to keep it in his hand.

There’s no telling whether the trick went alright from the first attempt. Grabbing the small and fairly slippery GoPro with gloved hands might prove to be a tad harder than you’d think in the first place. Honestly, as cool as this video looks, this might very well be the first or the 100th attempt – the resulting video is the same and it’s awesome.

Imagine how cool would this look if he taped another GoPro to the back of the one recording the video, and why not, strapping one to his own hand, adding even more drama to the whole affair. Wonder how many similar videos will surface soon, and how many riders will get hurt trying to be cooler than Derek…

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