Doug DeMuro Proves Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Is Useless as a Daily Driver

No, this isn't a comparison between an Aston Martin and the Alfa Romeo 4C. It's just that Doug DeMuro has brought his car along for the ride as he vlogs his way to making another review that will anger a nation or fans of a particular brand.
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I learned the hard way that you can't say certain things about Alfa Romeo. A couple of years ago, my inbox was flooded with hate mail for suggesting you don't need to own an Alfa to be a true petrolhead, despite what Top Gear used to say.

On the track or a B-road, the 4C is a jewel, a nimble little car that darts from one corner to the next one. Of course, everybody knows that it's not as practical as a Honda Civic, but it's nowhere near rivals like the Audi TT RS or Porsche Cayman.

For starters, the seats are not so much seats as lawn furniture covered in leather. The visors are the size of a TV remote; there's no glovebox, and you can't put anything larger than an espresso in the cupholder. Somehow, it's even worse than a Miata.

The trunks on both are tiny, but at least the MX-5 has a regular trunk release, whereas you have to open the door to get to the trunk lever on the 4C. Once you open it, you'll discover there's no damper strut to hold it up.

The lack of rear visibility is one thing, but no power steering makes it impossible to drive around town. Italian men must also be tiny because Americans can't fit their legs inside the 4C either.

At the end of the video Doug makes a statement about this Alfa Romeo being a toy designed just for fun. However, he doesn't say how in several dynamic tests, it fell short of the Cayman GTS, which has two trunks and a suspension you can live with.

On that note, we want to share another, slightly older video by Seen Through Glass where the most famous 4C vlogger explains why he swapped the car for a Jaguar F-Type.

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