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Doug DeMuro Drives the Kia Stinger GT, Compares It to the Chevrolet SS

The Kia Stinger GT is what happens when people build expectations based on sleeping on laurels. To be more precise, many aficionados expected Hyundai-Kia to be satisfied with the budget brand status it used to have until recently. Well, the South Korean carmaker has constantly been making efforts to move upmarket and the 365 hp four-door coupe we're here to discuss is the best result of these efforts we've seen so far.
Doug DeMuro and Kia Stinger GT 7 photos
Doug DeMuro and Kia Stinger GTDoug DeMuro and Kia Stinger GTDoug DeMuro and Kia Stinger GTDoug DeMuro and Kia Stinger GTDoug DeMuro and Kia Stinger GTDoug DeMuro and Kia Stinger GT
In this twin-turbo V6 guise, the Stinger comes with a price tag of $50,000 (we're talking about a fully loaded model, not the base car). And while that's still a whole new car less than what the Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz competitors, fifty grand still makes for a lot of money. So, does this Kia live up to its price tag?

Well, the answer is a big, fat "yes", but, since we're talking about a brand without pedigree, a yes/no example isn't sufficient. As such, we've brought along Doug DeMuro's Stinger GT review to zoom in on the little details.

Leave it to Doug to compare this Kia to a Chevrolet SS - no, this isn't the kind of dynamic comparo, but rather the journo's typical quirks-and-features take. Nevertheless, we'll remind you that we brought you a quarter-mile battle between the two back in October last year. Spoiler alert: unlike what many would expect, the Kia didn't get trampled.

Alas, as the journalist points out, the fact that the Kia Stinger GT ticks all the right boxes doesn't necessarily mean this will be a massive hit, with SUVs and brand-based purchases being the main factors here.

Even so, we're clearly looking at a four-wheeled creation that will change the image of its brand forever. So when your kids grow up to dream about buying the latest Kia model, remember to tell them the story of where it all started...

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