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Donto P1 Track Car In the Works

The street-legal track toy segment of the automotive market has become more and more populated in the last few years, with a new racer kid being born in Argentina.

According to, Donto Motor Company is offering an alternative to the Ariel Atom and the KTM X-Bow: dubbed Donto P1, the vehicle you see in the adjacent image promises to offer a hefty amount of thrills.

The project debuted 18 months ago, with the company already performing test sessions. In other words, the world has already welcomed multiple prototypes of the future extreme vehicles. We are talking about a lightweight animal that can accommodate two passengers and uses a removable roof to offer an extra topping of sensations.

The vehicle’s designer, Lucas Lopez, describes it as being a split body creation that uses a floating exoskeleton, with the car tipping the scales at less than 700 kg. As for the chassis, this has been built by Hector “Tito” Perez, a famous Argentinian builder, with the project following the FIA rules.

The car will be powered by German engine, with the powerplant used for the prototypes built so far being VW’s 180 hp 1.8 liter turbo unit.

Donto is currently developing the first fully equipped prototype, with the production set to be limited.

If this rings your amateur racing bell, be prepared to spend around $55,000 on the toy. As we’ve said the vehicle is intended for top performance on the track, but it will also be street-legal allowing owners to enjoy a complete experience.


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