Don’t Update Your iPhone If You Enjoy Using CarPlay While Driving

In theory, software updates should be good news for everybody, especially as they introduce new capabilities and further polish the overall experience by dealing with the known bugs.
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But in practice, this is hardly happening, as some of the latest versions released by companies out there end up doing more harm than good.

This appears to be the case with iOS 15, the latest iPhone system update that was shipped by Apple a couple of weeks ago.

While iOS 15 does come with lots of improvements, including new notifications and a 3D navigation mode in Apple Maps, it also seems to be causing quite a nightmare for CarPlay users, as it produces a full crash whenever they attempt to listen to music in the car.

In other words, the moment they tap the play button on a song in a CarPlay music app, the system just keeps crashing completely, and it needs to be reinitialized, of course without playing any audio. The same thing seems to happen with various music apps, including Spotify and even Apple’s very own Apple Music.

CarPlay, on the other hand, is working just fine with all the other apps, including Google Maps, so the only thing that’s causing the crash is playing tunes in music apps.

Someone on Apple’s forums suggests that users should go to the settings screen and disable the EQ, and while this did the trick for some, it failed to make any difference for others. So right now, Apple appears to be the only one that can fix this struggle with a new patch.

There are reports that the company might already be aware of the problem, and apparently, it’s quite widespread. However, not everybody is affected, as CarPlay seems to be running properly for some users, including myself, as listening to music on Spotify works just fine.

Unsurprisingly, the newly-released iPhone 13 is also impacted by the problem, so the iPhone model doesn’t make any difference.


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