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Don’t Blame YouTube Music for Playing Music at Random Times

Google is getting ready to kill off Play Music, and the company hopes everybody would make the switch to YouTube Music, promising an upgraded listening experience pretty much everywhere, including on the phone and in the car.
YouTube Music is Google's recommended music app for Android and Android Auto 1 photo
But on the other hand, those who switched from GPM to YouTube Music came across all kinds of shortcomings, and one of the most recent causes the app to start playing songs at random times.

Users in this reddit thread reveal that YouTube Music kicks in a few minutes after disconnecting from Android Auto, thus playing some songs without actually being asked to.

Every time I disconnect from Android auto, after listening to YTM, about 10 minutes later, music kick's back in on my phone. Happens for my wife too,” one user says. “This happens to me on a much shorter interval; it's usually a minute or two after I shut down AA, usually when I'm walking from the car to wherever I'm going,” someone else adds.

However, it’s not YouTube Music’s fault for the whole thing, as the problem here is in Android Auto.

The music playing issue is actually a known bug, and as we reported not a long time ago, it can get significantly worse, as some complained that the music player is enabled and starts blasting audio through the phone’s speakers in the middle of the night.

As a result, YouTube Music isn’t the only app affected by this glitch. At this point, it looks like the last media app you used before disconnecting Android Auto is the one launching at a later time, though at this point, it’s still not clear what’s causing the whole thing.

Google is already investigating the bug, but in the meantime, just keep in mind YouTube Music isn’t the one to blame here. Android Auto is actually the culprit, so if you don’t use this app, you’re good to go.


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